Firelit Coffee Liqueur

This is not, not, not  Kahlua, this is stand alone coffee spirit. Tastes just like the cold pressed espresso used to make it. Brandy based, some fun caffeine content, not too much heat. Two pounds of ground coffee in every bottle, look at the color in the spirit and smell the aroma!

Made in Napa Valley California and true to a craft distillers tradition; yet on the cutting edge of today’s cocktail trend. If there is one thing to be said for Firelit Coffee Liqueur is that the flavor and quality lends itself to a very distinguished realm. Firelit Coffee Liqueur was rated 94 pts. by Wine Enthusiast Magazine:

Wine Enthusiast Top 50 Spirits 2011

Coffee geeks will go bananas for this liqueur made with single-origin cold-brewed beans roasted by cult favorite Blue Bottle Coffee. Looks and smells like brewed espresso in the glass. It’s not too sweet, has a bracingly bitter edge and a lingering true-coffee finish that clings tenaciously to the palate. Oddly, it’s better without milk—it just doesn’t need it. — K.N.  (10/1/2011)

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